About me

  • I put words on paper for my clients. Clearly, consistently, and persuasively.
  • I proofread copy, searching for that one typo that seems to evade everyone.
  • I edit copy, confirming facts, improving prose.

I have been doing it all my life, so I’m pretty good at it.

Joe Diorio is that unique professional who catches errant comma splices to spelling mistakes to factual errors that less-experienced editors often miss.  Thanks to his light touch and thoughtful perspective, he suggests changes that enhance stories without diluting writers’ unique voices. He’s experienced, dependable, and efficient—an editor’s editor!” – Leslie Geary, Founding Editor, Knightlines, University of Bridgeport alumni magazine.

“Hire Joe. He writes copy for grown-ups. Smart, stylish, on-point. He gets it right the first time. He gets it.” Steve Martino, Managing Partner/Creative Director, M-Health.