Writing Seminars

Remote or in-office workers increasingly rely on text messages, email, Slack, or other written communications to be productive. This magnifies the need for clear and concise writing.

Writing well is a critical mark of respect. Taking the time to carefully form your words shows you value the recipient’s time and feelings enough to avoid misunderstandings, vagueness, and brusque language.

I offer one-on-one and/or group writing tutoring to help your wordsmithing become letter perfect. I work with writers to understand the messages they need to convey then help develop strategies and tactics to be effective every time they put pen to paper, fingers to keyboards, or start giving voice-to-text comments on a smart phone.

The tutoring takes place in steps:

  1. A self-assessment questionnaire, where writers can discuss their writing backgrounds, identify their strengths, weaknesses, and interests.
    1. I review the input prior to the class, preparing and customizing the general presentation to addresses strengths and weaknesses.
  2. A short writing assignment, designed to get the writer thinking about writing more than simply understanding the “i before e” rule.
  3. In-person or Zoom review of said writing assignments, and an overview of strengths and weaknesses as identified by the employer/supervisor.

Throughout the seminar a lively give and take is encouraged and created. I make sure to ask questions of the audience in general, and individuals if the responses seem lackluster.

I provide links and leads to the usual suspects of writing aids (The Elements of Style, AP Style Guide, Write Like You Talk and more) along with presentations on grammar tips and techniques. I don’t laboriously go through the grammar presentation; my audiences are college educated and don’t need a rehash, just reminders.

Contact me (diorio@comcast.net) for rates and scheduling.