A Few Words About Words with Dava Guerin

Talking to a long-time friend about my book.

Dava Guerin, author of multiple books, including “Rebuilding Sergeant Peck: How I put body and soul back together after Afghanistan,” “Presidents, Kings, and Convicts: My journey from the Tennessee governor’s residence to the halls of Congress,” and “The Eagle on My Arm: How the wilderness and birds of prey saved a veteran’s life,” took some time to talk to me about my book, “A Few Words About Words. A common-sense look at writing and grammar,” which hits bookstores on August 10. Dava and I worked together at Ketchum Public Relations in Philadelphia in the 1980s.

One thought on “A Few Words About Words with Dava Guerin

  1. Great conversation Joe and Dava!! Congrats on the book Joe— wishing you much success!!
    Nina Zucker
    Nina Zucker Associates


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